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Film & Television

We provide footage to take your projects to new heights in terms of creativity, innovation and professionalism.
Our professional crews and state-of-the-art equipment stands ready to step up to your project. At Pegasus, we offer an unparalleled level of service and flexibility that is based on 40+ years experience in the industry.

Licensed & Insured

FAA Part 107 UAS/UAV Compliant & fully Insured

Pegasus Aerial Images Pilots have earned an FAA certification for
small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Commercial Operations
and Commercial Operators Liability Insurance.
Verification of certificates are available upon request.

Our Story

About Us

Pegasus Aerial Images is a multi-dimensional, innovative consortium of award-winning creatives, pilots, directors, cinematographers, editors who have the know how and experience to take the simplest to the most complex idea and make it a stunning reality.

With over forty years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on providing quality footage that is on time and in budget across a variety of scales and genres. We are a one stop shop including conceptual development, out of the box locations, well equipped camera drones and a suite of post-production services.

We are a professional drone operations company based in both Burbank / Hollywood and San Diego. We create dramatic, low-altitude, 4K and HD aerial video and hi-res photos utilizing remote-controlled, small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) better known as drones.

Our UAV's utilize sophisticated electronic flight control systems and professional camera equipment producing very stable video with dramatic perspective. This technology allows us to offer low-altitude aerial video at an affordable price compared to other operators.

Whether you require a simple single-camera shot or a multi-camera, multi-crew shoot anywhere in Southern California- Pegasus Aerial Images is uniquely suited to deliver.

Our strong production management boasts:
over 20 Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmys,
a Peabody Award as well as numerous other awards and accolades.

Who We Are

C Dreams Entertainment is a multi dimensional, innovative consortium of award-winning creatives, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers and editors who have the know-how and experience to take the simplest to the most complex idea and make it a stunning reality.

With over forty years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on providing quality products that are on time and in budget across a variety of scales and genres.

Ben Dominguez Founder - Hollywood / Burbank

He has worked on every NBC Olympics since 1984, Golden Globes First Look for the past three years, Multiple Emmy Awards, NBA Basketball for CBS, NFL Football for ABC, a few hundred Entertainment Segments and over two thousand news broadcasts!
He is proud to be an FAA Licensed UAS Pilot with many successes and a spotless record.

Ben Dominguez photo


Len Savage Chief Pilot - San Diego

He is a well-versed Videographer/Editor/Producer with experience in TV production and marketing videos. Specialties: Docu style shooting, quick-turnaround editing and aerial / Drone videography and photography. He's worked on a broad variety of broadcast TV, motion picture and commercial projects.
He lives in San Diego - "Close to the action" and is very proud to also be a skilled FAA Licensed UAS Pilot with a lot of hours and in good standing.

On Time & On Budget

Our Services

We are not finished until you are happy with the final results.
We do not bill the balance until you are satisfied.

Aerial Videography

VIDEO: We own the latest Industry-standard DJI Drones, producing video at 4K/60fps video with true mechanical shutters and Burst Mode stills at 14 fps.

Video Editing

POST PRODUCTION: We can either deliver your footage while on-site or we can offer editing services. Let's talk about it.

Aerial Cinematogaphy & Photography

PLANNING: We've done this before. We arrive ready to get it done.

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View from Above

As we walk around in 2-dimensions, we may wish we could fly, just to see what our piece of the world looks like from up above.
It's our job to give you that glimpse of the big view with clear horizons.
Often, getting the view from above can focus your perspective and answer a lot of questions.

Pegasus Aerial Images is ready to give YOU that view from above.

Bring us in

In the ever-changing technological world we live in today, the need for innovative UAV photography and videography aerial perspectives has become a paramount necessity for real estate marketing, golf courses, live events, business, construction, development & industry, and it's become a trending inspiration among popular culture.

Videography is our passion, but aerial videography & photography is our expertise!

Pegasus Aerial Images implements cutting-edge aerial technology equipment to meet the diverse imaging needs of our customers for any occasion.

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